Available for hire in the following states:
Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina

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We currently offer several harpsichords for rent or sale, including:

Single-Manual Flemish Harpsichord by David Jensen (Hamilton, Ontario, 2000), after Andreas Ruckers, Antwerp, 1640. Made in 2000 by Davin Jensen, and currently being a part of the instrument collection by Predrag Gosta, this instrument is a replica of the harpsichord from 1640 by the famous Flemish maker of the 17th century, Andreas Ruckers. The registration of this instrument is typical Flemish registration: one 8' and one 4' register, as well as a buff stop. The compass of the original instrument, which was C-ddd, was expanded by one key (BB), which enables the keyboard player to use the short octave in the bass when necessary, or to simply use one additional note tuned in any pitch (e.g. BB flat) when necessary for the later repertoire.The instrument was painted in the Flemish style, with faux-marble finish and Flemish decorative papers. The Latin inscription on the inside of the cover lid of the harpsichord reads: "Intactum Sileo. Percute Dulce Cano", which in English translation means: "Untouched, I am silent - Pluck me, and I sing sweetly."The instrument is in perfect condition.

1x8', 1x4', buff stop (lute)

Compass: BB/C - ddd
Transposable to A415 & A440
(other pitches, e.g. 392 Hz and 466 Hz, need retuning)

Dimensions (without the legs):
10" high, 2'7" wide, 6'1" long



Single-Manual Italian Harpsichord by Jacob Kaeser (New England, 2001), after Giovanni Antonio Baffo, Venice, 1574.

This instrument is a new addition to our instrumentarium. Built by Jacob Kaeser in 2001, the instrument is a historical copy of the Venetian school of late 16th century, based on the 1574 original by Giovanni Antonio Baffo. The registration of this instrument is typical Italian: two 8' registers. The compass of the instrument is C/D/E-ddd (49 keys), with short octave in the low range, and split F# and G# keys. Strings on the Italian harpsichord are all brass; thus the harpsichord is loud enough to cary the whole orchestra, and the chords played are full of overtones which can be easily heard. The instrument was used for the first time at our 2003/04 Fifth Anniversary Season Grand Opening, in September 2003, featuring Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" and other virtuoso concerti (with Ingrid Matthews as a featured violin soloist).The instrument is in perfect condition.

Registration: 2x8'

Compass: C/D/E - ddd (with split keys F# and G#)
Pitched at A440 (other pitches, e.g. 415 Hz, need retuning)

Approximate dimensions (without the legs):
8" high, 2'6" wide, 6'3" long


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